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About us

GY Marine is based in one of China’s most promising city, Suzhou,which is also a big mechanical manufacturing base in China. We profit from this environment and develop the marine hardware and tools.

Our products cover a wide range,including mop bucket,Stainless steel pedal dust bin, pneumatic scaling tools, electronic scaling machines,pneumatic vacuum cleaners,hold cleaning guns, punching tools,sampling bottles,oil jugs,flange Jacks,pneumatic driven winches,gasket and washer cutters,scupper plugs,tank cleaning hose saddles,banding tools,banding buckles and banding bands,copper ring kits,O-ring kits,as well as various kinds of couplings and bolts and nuts necessary for tankers and ships.All the accessories and parts of this marine hardware are available.

We are committed to providing innovative and customized products.Many marine suppliers and wholesalers at home witnessed our developments.And now you are going to witness our steps to the world.High quality,competitive price,perfect service,that’s what we can promise you.




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